Aquille Carr heading overseas?

Aquille Carr heading overseas?
March 12, 2013, 2:00 pm
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With a dynamic player like Aquille Carr, it is hard to guess what he will do next. But reading the tealeaves suggests Carr may forego college to play overseas.

On his Twitter feed, Carr cryptically talked about the importance of making money while it's available. Carr has verbally committed to play for Seton Hall next season, though a verball commitment is not binding.

Carr's basketball skills are astounding. Though just 5'6", Carr has numerous highlight tapes pasted all over the Internet and is considered one of the more electric players currently playing in high school. While at Baltimore's Patterson High School, Carr garnered the nickname of "Crimestopper." The legend goes that Carr's games were such must-see events that crime stopped on the Baltimore streets while everyone would take a break to watch the sensational guard. 

A combination of deep shooting range and the ability to get by almost any defender, Carr made circus plays look routine. Since Carr's star began to rise, however, another story emerged. Carr was arrested for an altercation with the mother of his child, and rumors grew that the Seton Hall commit would struggle to qualify academically. 

Much like Carr with the ball in his hands, few know for sure what will happen next for Baltimore's Crimestopper.