2013 Orioles season had lots of big numbers

2013 Orioles season had lots of big numbers
September 30, 2013, 9:00 am
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O's season featured several highlights

It was a historic season in many ways for the Orioles. A winning season, yes. A championship season, not quite.

As we begin our offseason coverage with some looks back at the season just past, let’s start with the season by the numbers:

53-That’s the number that most fans will remember about this season, Chris Davis’ home runs. Davis became the Orioles’ single-season leader in homers, eclipsing Brady Anderson’s 17-year-old mark. He’s also the only major leaguer to finish with 53.

54-The Orioles set a major league record for fewest errors in one season. They also fielded at a .991 clip, also the best in history.

52-Number of players used. The same as in 2012.

2-Consecutive winning seasons. For the first time since 1996-7, the Orioles had winning records in two straight years.

5-The number of players who played 156 or more games: Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, Adam Jones, Manny Machado and Nick Markakis. Jones sat out two games after the team was eliminated, and his consecutive game streak ended at 322. Had Machado not been hurt, it would have been interesting to see if Buck Showalter would have allowed him to play all 162.

140-The games Matt Wieters caught. He started 134, two more than in 2012. Buck Showalter pointed out that Terry Kennedy played in 142, and started 135 for the 1987 Orioles, a team record. He didn’t want Wieters to break it.

6:54-The Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays slogged their way through 18 innings on Sept. 20, and well into the 21st. It was the longest game in both team’s history, and included a major league record 21 pitchers.

20-31 The team’s record in one-run games. A year ago, it was 29-9.

8-7 The Orioles’ record in extra-inning games. In 2012, 19-9.

6 months, 1 day: Time left until Opening Day.