After a long day, Morse is finally an Oriole

After a long day, Morse is finally an Oriole
August 31, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Is picking up Morse the right move for the O's?

NEW YORK – Early Saturday morning, the Orioles’ latest acquisition squeezed into the last available seat on a flight from Houston to New York.

Michael Morse was sitting in the last row, in the middle seat of a delayed flight. He arrived at the Orioles’ team hotel after 3 a.m., but less than seven hours later was at Yankee Stadium, dressed and ready to go.

He has a whole host of new teammates, but was happy to be thrust into a pennant race.

On Friday, Morse was traded by Seattle to the Orioles for Xavier Avery.

“It was a fun experience I guess you could say. To get claimed by Baltimore, for me it’s a great opportunity. It’s a great ballclub and a great team to be a part of. I’m very excited to be here,” Morse said.

In 76 games with the Mariners, Morse, who missed time with a quad injury, batted .226 with 13 home runs and 27 RBIs.

“I look at it as, ‘I turn the page of what was going on over there,’ and I get to start fresh here and help this team get to the playoffs,” he said.

Morse, who is not in the starting lineup for Saturday’s game, says he feels fine.

The Orioles discussed Morse with the Nationals last year, but he ended up in Seattle.

"He's pretty excited about being here. He was kidding about some of our guys. When they were in our place, he had heard a lot of talk about our interest in him. He said it's been a long wait," manager Buck Showalter said.

Morse played two years in Seattle with Adam Jones, and knows Danny Valencia and Nick Markakis.  

While he knows a few of the Orioles, he knows the area and likes it. His four years in Washington with the Nationals was fun.

“This is a great area. Baltimore-DC area is a great area. It’s a good baseball area. There are a lot of fans. To me, it’s always been good. I’m just happy to be back,” said Morse.

And yes fans, his walkup music will be remain the same. You’ll be hearing Aha’s “Take on Me” at Oriole Park—for at least the next month.