Axford tweets availability, are Orioles interested?

Axford tweets availability, are Orioles interested?
December 5, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Ballplayers looking for jobs usually have their agents do the talking for them. On Monday, John Axford took to Twitter to advertise his services.

“MST (Man Seeking Team) - Tall athletic male with blue/green eyes and a love for film and mustaches seeking loving team for employment!” Axford wrote.

The Orioles have shown some interest in Axford. He had two great years with Milwaukee. In 2010 and 2011, he had 70 saves. In 2012, he had 35 more, but had nine blown saves and eight losses (sound familiar?)

After an awful five months in 2013, the Brewers traded Axford to the St. Louis, where he looked great the last month. He was 1-0 with a 1.74 ERA in 13 games, and allowed just one run in six postseason appearances.

Axford beefed up an already strong Cardinals bullpen that included another potential Orioles target, Edward Mujica, but both were deemed expendable not because of performance, but due to economics. Mujica signed with Boston for two years and $9.5 million on Thursday.

St. Louis has a whole host of young, inexpensive relievers. Axford made $5 million last year, Mujica $3.2 million.

He also has a most interesting background. A Canadian, Axford was drafted by Seattle in 2001 and Cincinnati in 2005, but signed neither time. In between, he went to Notre Dame, Canisius and had Tommy John surgery.

The Yankees signed him in 2006, released him a year later, and he signed with the Brewers, and made the big leagues in 2009.

To supplement his income, Axford worked as a cellphone salesman and a bartender, and as his Twitter account says, he’s a film buff.

Axford made less than $8 an hour selling cellphones at Best Buy and Wal-Mart, but did a little better at the bar, making $8.25 an hour plus tips.

If he signs with the Orioles, Axford can talk movies with manager Buck Showalter, who’s watched “Apollo 13,” “Tombstone” and “Hoosiers” more times than he can count.