Back at shortstop, Derek Jeter?

Back at shortstop, Derek Jeter?
October 20, 2013, 6:45 pm
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When the Yankees take the field next season, Derek Jeter expects to be back where he’s always been – always other than in 2013, that is – starting at shortstop. And though he’ll be turning 40 next year, Jeter said he’s looking forward to an entire offseason of getting himself ready in a more normal manner. Last off-season, Jeter had to heal from a broken ankle.

"I haven't been able to work out my legs or lift my legs since October of last year," Jeter said, as reported by "The first time it broke [in the American League Championship Series], you can't do anything weight-bearing and you can't work out.

"Then I was cleared in spring training, and it was only a couple weeks before I had the second incident. I really think it's just from a lack of strength. ... I think just having a normal offseason, getting back to being able to work out -- no one foresees any other issues."

Jeter’s 2013 season was a wash-out. He played just 17 games. But forget about the injuries and his age, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said.

"I certainly hope to get Derek back to the Derek that we're all used to," Cashman said. "He's one of those guys that did everything in his power to fight through something that turned out to be pretty significant. And so now he'll have some time to back off, get some rest, some more flexibility back and get every aspect of that ankle in line as far as the kinetic chain."

As for the idea that it’s time for Jeter and his kinetic chain to be a designated hitter instead of a shortstop, manager Joe Girardi didn’t want to entertain the idea. In fact, Girardi added to the chorus putting faith in the captain’s offseason.

"I expect him to play, and I think he'll do everything in his power to get back to the form he was in 2012," Girardi said. "He's got an offseason that he has a lot of strength that he wants to gain back in his legs and have a normal offseason. It should be good for him."