Baltimore wasn't the right fit for K-Rod

Baltimore wasn't the right fit for K-Rod
October 4, 2013, 3:30 pm
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When the Orioles acquired Francisco Rodriguez from the Milwaukee Brewers in July, some fans thought he might displace Jim Johnson as closer.

K-Rod, he of the 304 saves, never was in a position to get No. 305.

Rodriguez pitched in the ninth inning twice, both in games that were seemingly decided.

He got four holds and one loss with the Orioles. Rodriguez also got two wins. In essence, K-Rod was just another middle inning reliever for the Orioles.

Rodriguez was always the last member of the ballclub to arrive at home and was quickly out of the clubhouse afterward.

He allowed four home runs in his first four innings, and then just one in his final 18 innings with the Orioles.

His strikeout ratio was actually better with the Orioles than at any time in his career, punching out 28 in 22 innings.

For some reason, manager Buck Showalter never wanted to put him in when the game was on the line. Before he was traded from the Brewers, K-Rod had a sparkling 1.09 ERA in 25 appearances.

He didn’t sign with Milwaukee until mid-April, but he was certainly no disappointment there.

Rodriguez won’t be re-signed by the Orioles, but even though there are a lot of serviceable relievers on the market, he should get a decent one-year contract elsewhere.