Baseball to begin in-season testing for HGH

Baseball to begin in-season testing for HGH
January 10, 2013, 2:15 pm
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A day after the controversial Hall of Fame vote that didn’t elect anyone suspected of using steroids, Major League Baseball and the Players Association announced an agreement on testing for Human Growth Hormone during the season.

The blood testing will be unannounced. Commissioner Bud Selig was set to make the announcement later Thursday at the owner’s meetings in Arizona.

The agreement was worked out between Selig and Players Association head Michael Weiner.

MLB will keep records on ratios of testosterone to epitestosterone. Players will be also be monitored for use of testosterone according to The New York Times.

Each player will be required to have at least one test a season.

The punishments for positive tests will be 50 games for the first test, 100 for the second, and a lifetime ban for the third. The penalties are the same as for positive steroids tests.

Minor league baseball began testing in the summer of 2010. After the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was announced in late 2011, off-season and spring training testing began. Players with “reasonable cause” could also be tested. Now, in season testing has been added.

Baseball will be the first major team sport to test for HGH.