Bautista likes how Jays will take it from top

Bautista likes how Jays will take it from top
March 8, 2013, 12:30 am
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Lots of people are excited about the Blue Jays this year. You can include Toronto slugger Jose Bautista in that group.

To start with, he likes the make-over at the top of the batting order.

“People with high on-base percentage and low strikeout rates at the top of the lineup is always good, especially when they can run like Jose [Reyes] and Melky [Cabrera] can,” Bautista said in a recent interview with “They’re going to set the table for us. The better they do, the better that Edwin [Encarnacion] and Adam [Lind] and I will be able to drive runs in.”

Reyes, in particular, Bautista said, gives the Jays something they have lacked.

“We haven’t had a true leadoff guy here since [Marco] Scutaro left. … With Reyes, we have the whole package, which is going to be huge.”

Having a bunch of new players won’t be any problem either, Bautista said, when it comes to that team chemistry thing you read about in sports stories all the time.

“The sense I get from meeting all of these guys is … they’re all major-league, established players. They’re not out to make a name for themselves, they’re not prideful players where they’re going to take their personal stats over team wins. I think everyone here has the same goal in mind, and that’s winning games and hopefully going to the World Series and being world champions. Because of those reasons, I don’t think team chemistry is going to be an issue at all.”