Better late than never for Pridie

Better late than never for Pridie
September 26, 2013, 7:30 pm
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BALTIMORE – Jason Pridie is in the lineup for the second straight game. Pridie, who had been working out in Sarasota, Fla. after the conclusion of Norfolk’s season, left for his Arizona home and was about three hours from his house when he received a call from the Orioles on Tuesday.

He caught a flight early Wednesday and was in the lineup in center field.

Pridie hoped that his contract was going to purchased early in the month, but it took Chris Dickerson’s hamstring injury to get him here.

“Obviously, it happened a little later than I thought it was going to to, so here I am,” Pridie said. “Five days are better than none.”

Pridie dropped an easy fly ball in the first inning on Thursday, costing the Orioles a run.

When he arrived on Wednesday, Pridie hadn’t seen many of his teammates since March when he was in camp with them.

“It was fun to walk into here and see everybody,” Pridie said. “I just slid right into the team like it’s spring.”

He was sorry he couldn’t be a part of the pennant push.

“I was wishing I could be here under better circumstances,” Pridie said.