Buck Showalter talks up humble Nick Markakis

Buck Showalter talks up humble Nick Markakis
August 19, 2014, 7:30 pm
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CHICAGO -- Buck Showalter said he watched a replay or two of Nick Markakis’ marvelous catch of Conor Gillaspie’s long drive to right field on Monday night.

“I like to watch stuff like that kind of privately, and then take it in, and then move on,” Showalter said.

Showalter loves talking about Markakis even if the right fielder shuns attention.

“I think Nicky almost finds it embarrassing in some ways,” Showalter said.

After Markakis made the terrific catch to end the seventh inning, preserving a 3-2 Orioles lead, Showalter watched the reaction of Bud Norris and Adam Jones.

“There’s such a respect for watch Nick does among his teammates,” Showalter said. “Every time he does something, he acts like ‘this is what I’m supposed to do, right?’”

Showalter tries to talk about Markakis as often as possible to make sure he gets attention for his great play.

“We all tried to do as good a job as possible. You like when you get something that not everybody gets,” Showalter said. “They’ve got this right in front of them and some people don’t realize what they’re watching.”

Showalter put up a list of the top Orioles on the team’s all-time hit list recently. Markakis has moved up to sixth on that list.

The list was quickly taken down.

“He probably took it down,” Showalter said. “He couldn’t help it last night. He stuck out like a sore thumb.”