Cano fails to interest others in him

Cano fails to interest others in him
November 27, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Some Orioles fans fantasized about pursuing Robinson Cano. Apparently, Cano and his agents fantasized about there being a market for the superstar second baseman.

Arguably the best player on this year’s free agent market, Cano’s comical 10-year, $315 million contract request is so far out of hand that it’s generated no real competition for his services.

Everyone thinks he’s going back to the New York Yankees, who have so far managed to annoy him by countering with a seven-year, $168 million deal.

Cano’s people, not including Jay-Z, met with the Yankees on Tuesday, and hoped to get the Yankees to something a little more palatable than an average $24 million contract. They even tried to get the Mets involved in the bidding, but they declined.

Of course, the Orioles would love to have Cano, but there’s no way he’d accept anything less than what New York has already offered.

Cano is one of the few free agents that’s worth losing a draft choice over. The Yankees have already signed another prized free agent, catcher Brian McCann for five years and $85 million.

The Yankees continue to be linked with lots of names including Carlos Beltran and Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. But, the big name is Cano, and he’s coming back to New York, now or later.