Cano: I never asked Yankees for $300 million

Cano: I never asked Yankees for $300 million
November 30, 2013, 11:00 am
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Is this part of a saving-face action on Robinson Cano’s behalf? In the latest on the Yankees free agent’s contract demands, Cano said he never asked for $300-plus million deal.

It has been widely reported that Cano wants a 10-year contract worth $310 million or $315 million. But in an appearance in his native Dominican Republic this week, the All-Star second baseman reportedly said: “I’ve never asked anybody for $300 million. … Nobody has ever heard that come out of my mouth, and you’re never going to hear it.”

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Interesting to hear Cano back away from the huge contract demand. In one sense, his words may not mean a whole lot. Yes, he may not have actually ever asked for $300 million himself, but he didn’t deny that his representatives, Roc Nation Sports (Jay Z’s company) and CAA, asked for such a sum on his behalf.

However, with the two sides far apart so far — Newsday reported a difference of more than $100 million — could it be that Cano is setting the stage to accept a much smaller contract? He could characterize the $300 million figure as something he never was seeking, then accept a deal closer to the seven years, $165 million that Newsday said was the club’s last offer.