Casilla doesn't remember collision

Casilla doesn't remember collision
September 24, 2013, 5:00 pm
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BALTIMORE – A few minutes after the horrible injury to Manny Machado on Monday at Tampa Bay, Alexi Casilla was also lost. Casilla was running out to catch a flare in short right field and nearly made a spectacular grab, but he hit his head on Nick Markakis’ thigh.

He convinced manager Buck Showalter into allowing him to remain in the game, but was removed at the end of the inning.

Casilla flew home with the Orioles, and even if his head was clear, he can’t play because he injured his right thumb going after the ball.

“Just a little confused about what happened. I still don’t remember what happened. That’s kind of frustrating, not knowing,” Casilla said.

He didn’t remember answering Showalter’s questions. Showalter was angry at himself for allowing Casilla to stay in the game.

“I didn’t realize how much contact. I look back on it, and I probably made a mistake of leaving him in there. I let him talk me into it,” Showalter said. “He answered the right questions the trainer had.”

Casilla was shocked at what he saw.

“I don’t remember going to catch the ball. I don’t remember staying in the game. I remember I was in the clubhouse. I asked myself: ‘What am I doing here?’ Somebody told me I had a collision, so I went to the video room and watched a replay of it, and I was like: ‘Oh my God.’ But I don’t remember what happened,” Casilla said.

Casilla had a CT-scan at Tampa Bay, and his head was fine.

He didn’t remember hurting his thumb, either.

“But I had the ball, huh?”

Casilla doesn’t know if he can play in any of the Orioles remaining games this week.
Showalter said he learned a lesson.

“It’s a reminder to me about getting those guys out of the game,” Showalter said. “He almost made a hell of a play.”