Challenge it! Replay approved for 2014

Challenge it! Replay approved for 2014
January 16, 2014, 4:15 pm
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Hall of Fame voter Mark Zuckerman on the 2014 class

Now, the fun begins. Replay is coming to baseball for the 2014 season. The Players and Umpires Associations have agreed, and the owners voted to adopt replay this season.

Managers have one challenge, and if any portion of a challenged play is overturned, they may have a second challenge. There is a maximum of two challenges.

After the seventh inning begins or a manager has exhausted challenges, umpires may ask for a replay.

Replays will be viewed in New York by umpires, and they will make the determination whether to overturn. Umpires on the field will not leave the field.

In addition to home run calls, which were already reviewable, the following plays are reviewable:

-Ground rule double
-Fan interference
-Stadium boundary calls
-Force play
-Tag plays
-Outfield fair/foul
-Outfield trap
-Hit by pitch
-Timing play (runner scoring before third out)
-Appeal play on touching a base
-Passing runner
-Record keeping on balls, strikes, outs

On force plays, touching second base on a double play will not be reviewable.

Once calls are made, on-field personnel may not dispute the calls.

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Disputed calls will be allowed to be viewed on the scoreboard.

It will be interesting to see who Orioles manager Buck Showalter designates as his replay aide. Managers will be able to communicate by the dugout phone with a video aide in the clubhouse to decide whether to challenge a play or not.

This will reduce, but not eliminate arguments. Managers and players can still gripe about calls not subject to replays such as checked swings.