Controversy erupts as Orioles bobblehead vote begins

Controversy erupts as Orioles bobblehead vote begins
April 3, 2014, 6:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – The campaign is under way, and so is the negative advertising.

Four Orioles were named as finalists in the AT&T Fans’ Choice Bobblehead contest. Tommy Hunter, Ubaldo Jimenez, Darren O’Day and Chris Tillman all have a chance to be selected in a vote that runs through May 12 at noon.

“You’re going down,” Hunter joked with O’Day whose locker adjoins his.

“I’m going to hire a campaign manager,” O’Day countered.

When informed of the competition, Tillman said simply: “I lose.”

None of the players knew about the vote until reporters informed them.

Hunter has some idea of what his bobblehead would look like.

“I think he’d be a large character and his head would be bigger than his body, maybe,” Hunter said. “It’s all fun. It’s all great. Hopefully the fans vote for me.”

Jimenez had a bobblehead in 2010 when he was with Colorado.

“It was nice. I don’t think it looked like me,” Jimenez said. “It’s just the mechanics looked the same.”

O’Day knows how he would design his bobblehead.

“I have a plus-size head and no legs, so it won’t be that far off,” O’Day joked.

Could the artist accurately depict O’Day’s sidearm motion?

“I don’t know. They might find that manufacturing costs are too high for that, to throw sideways and have a huge head,” O’Day said.

J.J. Hardy was the winner in 2012 and Chris Davis last year.

The bobbleheads will be distributed to the first 25,000 fans 15 and over on Sept. 21, the last scheduled home game of the season.

On their phones, fans can text 1 for Hunter, 2 for Jimenez, 3 for O’Day and 4 for Tillman to 31826.

Fans who text their votes with a mobile phone will be automatically entered for a chance to win four lower box tickets to the Sept. 21 game and an autographed bobblehead.

Fans can also vote online at

Meanwhile, Hunter, who says he’s adopted healthier eating habits since his recent marriage is campaigning to become a spokesman for Subway. He’d like to win free sandwiches for life. His favorite? Chicken breast on wheat. Davis is trying to do the same for his favorite fast food eatery, Chipotle.