Davis, Hardy, Jones All-Star starters

Davis, Hardy, Jones All-Star starters
July 6, 2013, 6:30 pm
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Chris Davis on being named to the All-Star game

NEW YORK – For the first time since 1997, the Orioles will have three starters in the All-Star Game, and four overall.

Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones were voted in by the fans, and on his 21st birthday, Manny Machado was added as a reserve for the American League All-Star team.

The game will be played on July 16 at New York’s Citi Field.

It’s the first time since 2005 that four Orioles were chosen for the game.

“I'm real proud of them. Could have been some others. You look at the competition for these spots, I'm real proud of all of them, and some other guys, too, who weren't even in the voting. It's a nice moment for the organization and for the players and, more importantly, the fans. They really turned out and supported our guys, so I'm really proud of our fans, too," manager Buck Showalter said.

Davis led all All-Stars with 8.27 million votes. He hit his major league leading 33rd home run on Saturday, is on his first All-Star team. He’s batting .324 with 85 RBIs.

“I think any time you are getting that recognition not only from your fan base but from everybody across the nation I think it feels good to know that people are watching. I think what we did last year towards the end of the season really kind of opened people’s eyes to the fact that there’s some good baseball being played in Baltimore,” Davis said.

“And the fact that we have a number of guys going to the All Star game again this year just shows that we’re doing something right.”

It’s the third All-Star selection for Jones, but his first as a starter. He also went in 2009 and 2012. Jones is batting .290 with 15 home runs and 59 RBIs.

“Going back consecutive years, it’s pretty cool. I think, for me, it’s more humbling. You look at it there, it’s almost five million votes that have been tallied for myself,” Jones said.

“I know Birdland has been very, very strong in voting this year. But you still have to get votes outside, outside of your own team and organization and it shows that myself, CD, Hardy and Machado are really being looked at amongst baseball, instead of just in Baltimore.”

Hardy, who was named to the National League All-Star team in 2007, was shocked to be voted in. He leads all American League shortstops with 15 home runs. Hardy has a .254 batting average.

“It’s somewhat of a shock to me. I’m definitely honored to be voted in. It’s pretty special,” Hardy said.

In 1997, Roberto Alomar, Brady Anderson and Cal Ripken started for the American League.

“The team is doing great.  You look at what everyone’s doing, one through seven in the lineup, putting up good numbers, really everyone in the lineup. It’s making all of our numbers look good. At the same time, we’re winning ballgames. It just shows that people are noticing,” Hardy said.

It was a great way for Machado, who hit his 39th double on Saturday to mark his birthday. A year ago, Machado was in Bowie, and didn’t play for the Orioles until Aug. 9.

While Detroit's Miguel Cabrera easily won the third base vote, Machado, who has a .315 average was an easy choice as a reserve. 

“I mean it’s crazy. It’s crazy what I’ve been through my first  year in major league baseball, making the playoffs last year, just having two months into the league and then obviously now making the All-Star and having such good success right now,” Machado said.

“I worked hard in the offseason to set my goals, and obviously for this, to make the All-Star Game and the playoffs as a team. You really don’t anticipate it until it happens. Now, it’s here. I’m going to be an All-Star. That’s pretty great, pretty exciting to say.”

Nick Markakis was third in outfielder’s voting for two weeks, but he fell back, and despite a solid eight-year career with the Orioles, he has never been an All-Star.

“I think there are a lot of guys in the clubhouse that obviously deserve to be on the All-Star team and a couple of guys who are hopefully going to get [added] late. I think of Nick Markakis, a guy that playing against him for a number of years,” Davis said. “I was kind of surprised to find out he had never made it.”

Jim Johnson and Matt Wieters were both selected last year, but aren’t going this time. There was also some thought that Chris Tillman might be picked.

“I'm very biased. I'll be the first to admit it, especially wearing black and orange,” Showalter said.” I just like to see people start appreciating...and they do.”