Does Yankees' interest get McLouth back to Baltimore?

Does Yankees' interest get McLouth back to Baltimore?
November 25, 2013, 9:00 am
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A year ago, Nate McLouth waited until the winter meetings to re-sign with the Orioles. It took an offer from the Tampa Bay Rays and a persuasive phone call from Buck Showalter for McLouth to return to Baltimore.

It may take a little more than a mock threat from Showalter to get McLouth back in left field for 2014.

According to a report from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the New York Yankees have shown some interest in McLouth.

New York is going after some big names. They signed Brian McCann over the weekend, and are sitting on a huge offer to Robinson Cano, and some others. But, they’ll have to fill out their hoped-for $189 million budget with others, and McLouth may be one of them.

McLouth is seeking a two-year deal. The Orioles have been reluctant to grant him one, but competition from the Yankees may get them thinking that two years of McLouth in left might not be such a bad idea.

New York may think McLouth is a good fit for them. They’d like his left-handed hitting ability and speed. But, they already have a similar left-handed hitter in center, Brett Gardner, who doesn’t have quite the power McLouth does.

McLouth’s personality may not be a great fit for New York. He’s engaging and mild-mannered, but like a lot of the Orioles, he seems more comfortable in the smaller market environment.

Perhaps the news that the Yankees are interested in McLouth will move the Orioles. Playing against him in six series a year wouldn’t be enjoyable, and for now, there’s no better option in left.