Duquette meets with Boras to discuss Davis, Wieters

Duquette meets with Boras to discuss Davis, Wieters
September 27, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Defining moment of Baltimore's season?

BALTIMORE – Dan Duquette is interested in keeping the band together.

The Orioles’ executive vice president of baseball operations met with Scott Boras this week, and there were preliminary discussions about contract extensions for Chris Davis and Matt Wieters, two of his clients.

“That’s a little early for that, but you know, we have made clear our intention to keep that core group together, and we’ll try and do that in the offseason,” Duquette said. “It was just an informal meeting. We are turning our attention to having a good team next year.”

Boras also represents Wei-Yin Chen, who is signed for next year, Francisco Rodriguez, who is not expected to be back and Zach Britton.

Duquette says that even though the Orioles won’t go to the postseason this year, the season is not a failure.

“I think there’s a lot of good things in this season. The feedback that I’m getting from the fans is that they’re happy that we had another winning season, of course, and they got a chance to see a couple of players emerge as stars, Davis and [Machado]. I think they can see that there’s plenty of hope for the future. We have a pretty solid pitching staff and a good core group of players,” Duquette said.

Duquette and manager Buck Showalter are going to meet early next week to review the season and look ahead to 2014.

“I think we’re all disappointed when it ends before you have a chance to get in the tournament, get into the playoffs, so I’m sure we’re all disappointed in the ending, but there’s certainly some really good takeaways from the season, and that’s what we’re getting back from the fans. They’re really happy about the season. They’re happy that it was a winning season. They’re happy that we were in the race. Glad to see the young talent emerging. Chris Davis had a fantastic season. Jones had a top season. Machado had a good season. We have some other good players on the horizon, so we’ve built up our talent base where we should be competitive again,” Duquette said.

Duquette isn’t ready to say what he thinks the payroll will be next season, and wouldn’t comment on next year’s coaching staff.