Evan Meek, the unlikeliest Oriole on Opening Day

Evan Meek, the unlikeliest Oriole on Opening Day
March 31, 2014, 1:00 pm
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BALTIMORE –- The unlikeliest Oriole on Opening Day? How about Evan Meek? Two months ago, he came to Baltimore during FanFest and threw for pitching coach Dave Wallace. On Sunday, he was added to the roster.

Meek was told on Saturday in Norfolk that he had made the club. He didn’t pitch in the majors in 2012, but now he’s back.

“It’s a blessing,” Meek said. “Words don’t really describe it. It’s a tough journey back from injury getting back here. It’s a great time. It’s an exciting time.”

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Meek was an All-Star for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010 but suffered an shoulder injury the next year and his career went south. He spent last year at Round Rock in the Texas organization.

As a non-roster pitcher, Meek could have gotten buried in spring amongst lots of others, but his performance stood out.

“There was a time in the spring where I strung together some good outings when we were heading down to the wire. I just felt like performance-wise it was going really well,” Meek said.

NOTE: Buck Showalter said that Tommy Hunter, would indeed be the Orioles closer to begin the season.

“We’re going to start the way and see if Tommy seizes the opportunity and job,” Showalter said.