Feldman wants to be back

Feldman wants to be back
October 2, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Nabbing Scott Feldman to boost the starting rotation was a good idea. Now, we’ll see if the Orioles are able to re-sign him.

After his worst outing of the season, eight runs in 2 1/3 innings on Friday, Feldman said he wanted to be back.

Manager Buck Showalter has long been a Feldman fan. “He's going to be 31 years old next year and he's a guy whose statistics have come over to the American League just like they were in the National League. He's going to be somebody that people are going to want, including us,” Showalter said on Friday.

Feldman was 7-6 with a 3.46 ERA with the Cubs and 4-5 with a 4.27 ERA. He started 15 games for each team.

“He's solid. Tonight wasn't the night, though, and that's frustrating for him. I would have liked for him to finish the season on a note that's more indicative of how he's pitched this year,” Showalter said.

If the Orioles want Feldman, they probably will have to sign him quickly. If he’ll accept two years, they have a chance. If he’s insistent on three, it may not be workable.

“I hope that they want me back. I hope I have the opportunity to come back. Really liked the guys in here, the coaching staff’s been great. We’ll see what happens, but I hope so,” Feldman said.