First game doesn't always tell the story. Ask the Orioles.

First game doesn't always tell the story. Ask the Orioles.
October 25, 2012, 9:00 am
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Giants manager Bruce Bochy walks back to the dugout during the ninth inning of game one of the 2012 World Series against the Detroit Tigers at AT&T Park. Giants won 8-3.

(Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

The first game of the World Series isn’t a perfect predictor. Just ask the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles have played in six World Series. They’ve won three and lost three, but in five of them, they won the first game.

In 1966, the Orioles swept the Los Angeles Dodgers in four games. Three years later after they beat the New York Mets, who were a huge underdog in the first game, they lost the next four.

In 1970, the Orioles won the first three, polishing off the Cincinnati Reds in five games, but in 1971, they took a 2-0 lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates and managed to lose in seven games.

Eight years later, the Orioles won the first game and had a 3-1 lead over Pittsburgh before losing the last three.

Nineteen years ago, the Orioles lost the first game of the Series to Philadelphia, then won four straight.

In only two of the Orioles’ six World Series was the eventual champion also the winner of Game 1. The Detroit Tigers are hoping that will be the case for them.