Hardy shares Gold Glove with Hale

Hardy shares Gold Glove with Hale
May 19, 2013, 2:30 pm
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BALTIMORE – J.J. Hardy was so happy that he won a Gold Glove, he wanted to share it. Hardy had a replica of the award sent to DeMarlo Hale, who was the Orioles third base coach last year.

Hale is now Toronto’s bench coach, and last year, he was in charge of positioning the fielders.

“He was my infield coach last year. He did basically all the scouting, put me in the right position to field as many groundballs as I did,” Hardy said.

“It was a thank you and an appreciation for his hard work.”

Last year, Hardy made just six errors in 158 games. So far, he’s made three this season.

“It was more of him looking at all the charts and telling me where to play. He did a really good job of it. Every time we had a shift, it seemed like it worked last year. He moved me before certain pitches if he wanted to. He was putting me in the right position,” Hardy said.

“He helped me win the Gold Glove by being in the right position last year.”