Hunter has a minor league day throwing fastballs

Hunter has a minor league day throwing fastballs
March 17, 2014, 9:30 pm
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SARASOTA, Fla. – Tommy Hunter threw two innings in a minor league game at Twin Lakes Park on Sunday. The Orioles closer wasn’t being deliberately stretched out.

“I was actually trying to throw a fastball, figure out how to throw a fastball down and away,” Hunter said. “I did that pretty well for the most part in the second inning.”

The Orioles haven’t officially named Hunter closer, but he’s widely expected to begin the season in that role for the first time.

His fastball is his out pitch, and on Sunday threw more than 30 pitches, and just four weren’t fastballs.

“I was just trying to work on it, get a little idea of how to get the ball down,” Hunter said.

With two weeks to go before Opening Day, Hunter is satisfied.

“I feel good. I feel strong. Just getting innings, getting out there and throw the ball,” Hunter said.

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Against minor league hitters, few of whom Hunter knew, he could tinker.

“They were swinging. They like fastballs. After the first six or seven pitches, they figured out fastballs were coming and they were going to be away from him,” Hunter said.

“I had a couple of balls come right back over my face. Ducked out of the way a couple of times. One of them was the ninth fastball away the guys saw. We actually were laughing about it on video, waiting for it to happen.”

Hunter had worked over at Twin Lakes before.

“I didn’t mix anything in. I really got out of it what I wanted to,” Hunter said. “I’m just pretty used to getting my [butt] kicked there. Pretty common occurrence when I go over there. I usually get dominated by our own guys.”