Jett still rockin' love for O's

Jett still rockin' love for O's
January 26, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Joan Jett was about 11 years old when she saw a seminal moment in Orioles history, and that has made her an O’s fan forever.

The rocker recently spoke with the MLB Network about her devotion to the team. She can pinpoint where and when it started: watching Jim Palmer throw a no-hitter against the A’s in 1969 at Memorial Stadium. At the time, Jett and her family lived in Rockville, though she would move to California when she was 14.

Jett had the year right, but not the opposing pitcher. She said Palmer and the Orioles beat Catfish Hunter, but the A’s starter actually was Chuck Dobson (who was relieved by Vida Blue, pitching in his fifth big-league game).

But ever since, she has been a fan, and that’s been as much a part of her as Jett’s trademark growl.

“They’re just a great part of my growing up. … And they keep me happy,” she told MLB network.