Machado injury a matter of inches

Machado injury a matter of inches
September 24, 2013, 2:45 pm
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As we wait to hear news from the Orioles on Tuesday about the extent of Manny Machado’s knee injury on Monday, there is something quite striking about the play where he got hurt.

Watch the video. (Squeamishness warning: Machado’s leg gets twisted gruesomely.) Beyond the sympathy pains in your leg that you feel, consider just how much this truly was a freak injury.

The O’s third baseman wasn’t running hard. He was pulling up as he crossed first base and his foot came down awkwardly on the side of the bag. How many times in his baseball career do you think Machado has been in the exact same situation — easing up at first on a single — with absolutely no repercussions?

Yes, it’s among the oldest of sports cliches to talk about a game of inches, but once again we see the truth behind the saying. A few inches to the left and Machado’s foot comes down flat on the base and he’s perfectly fine, instead of being carted off on a stretcher and possibly facing months of rehab before he can play again.