Machado's Gold Glove win popular, but why not Wieters?

Machado's Gold Glove win popular, but why not Wieters?
October 30, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Manny Machado’s win as the Gold Glove third baseman was popular with both the old school crowd, and the statistically-oriented cool kids, too.

At 21, Machado won his first Gold Glove. The Orioles obviously hope it will be one of many. Brooks Robinson won his first of 16 straight at 23, and while Machado is unlikely to do that, he could win several.

On Tuesday night’s conference call, Machado said the beginning stages of rehab after left knee surgery were going well and that he hoped to be ready for “the spring.”

Not necessarily spring training, but with a six-month recovery, perhaps in the first month of the season.

The Orioles won three Gold Gloves for the second straight time. Some of the sabermetric crowd thought only Machado deserved one, but after all the Orioles did set records for fewest errors, most errorless games and highest fielding percentage. Both J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones seemed deserving.

Salvador Perez’s unseating of Matt Wieters after a two-year reign was the most interesting development.

The Kansas City Royals’ 23-year-old catcher caught in 137 games, made seven errors and allowed 46 stolen bases while throwing out 21 runners. His 35 percent caught stealing ratio was identical to Wieters, who allowed 44 stolen bases in 140 games, throwing out 24. Wieters made just three errors.