Machado's throw pleases All-Star crowd

Machado's throw pleases All-Star crowd
July 17, 2013, 2:15 am
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Manny Machado's defense one of the highlights of the night

Manny Machado didn’t enter the 2013 MLB All-Star Game until the bottom of the sixth inning, but it wasn’t long before he reminded the baseball world why he was there.

In the bottom of the seventh, Paul Goldschmidt hit a high-bouncing groundball to Machado at third base. The Orioles third baseman then performed what has become his most signature move.

Machado retreated back, stepping several feet onto the grass in shallow left field. He backhanded the ball with his glove and then fired a laser to Prince Fielder at first base. Goldschmidt isn’t slow, but he was no match for the 20-year-old’s already legendary arm.

As Fielder secured the out, the 45,186 in attendance at Citi Field let out one of their biggest roars of the night.

After the game Machado called it “just another play in the books,” something his teammates actually agreed with. They’ve seen him make plays even more spectacular at the hot corner, it was just another day at the park with Manny.

“I turned around in the dugout, everyone was like ‘wow, wow,”’ J.J. Hardy said. “I turned around just to show everyone that was just routine. It wasn’t a big deal.”

“I wasn’t impressed,” Chris Davis said. “I’ve seen that play several times and he didn’t hit the guy in the chest. I told him that. He’s been doing that all year, whether it’s diving or going to his left or his right, the guy makes plays.”

Not impressed? That may sound like an exaggeration, but Davis doubled down.

“Everyone was just kind of looking around like ‘is that normal?’ I wasn’t impressed, he didn’t hit the guy in the chest,” he said. 

“Manny’s made those plays all year. He’s going to continue to make those plays and that’s what’s special for him.”

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