McGregor notices similarities between Showalter, Weaver

McGregor notices similarities between Showalter, Weaver
August 16, 2014, 6:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – Scott McGregor often hears comparisons between Buck Showalter and Earl Weaver, and his is a unique perspective.

McGregor had his greatest success as a pitcher under the ultra-critical Weaver and he has coached under Showalter.

At last weekend’s 60th anniversary celebration, McGregor was asked about the two men.

“Buck is like Earl Weaver but not [as] vocal. He’s the same way. He demands that guys do things right. He will get on guys when they mess up. He won’t do it like Earl and just blow it up,” McGregor said.

In both 2011 and 2013, McGregor filled in as bullpen coach for several weeks and recently stood in for pitching coach Dave Wallace for two days.

“He’s like a duck. He just sits there, his little feet are going. His wheels are turning. He’s very well-prepared,” McGregor said.

“Being with him the times I’ve been with him over the last few years, he’s intimidating, what he knows, and how he’s prepared. I think they’re very similar in the way they do things, and I think that has brought itself to light with this ballclub now.”

McGregor played on the 1983 World Series team and pitched the clinching game. He notices some similarities between that team and this year’s Orioles team.

“It’s something new every night, and that’s way it was with us. You never knew who was going to be a hero,” McGregor said.

“They’ve just really bought into together as a team, and that’s great with the team.”

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