MLB not fine with Yankees president's comments?

MLB not fine with Yankees president's comments?
December 15, 2013, 11:45 am
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The Yankees are being investigated by Major League Baseball for possibly tampering with the Angels’ Mike Trout. What did they do, exactly?

Let’s put it in these terms: Suppose you told a bunch of your friends how much you would like to marry Scarlett Johansson, and then the actress’s fiancé, Romain Dauriac, accused you of tampering with her. That’s essentially what Yankees president Randy Levine did in regard to Trout.

Levine was speaking to New York media about the 10-year contract former Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano received from the Mariners and his club’s rationale not to go that many years on a deal.

"If it was Mike Trout, I'd offer him a 10-year contract," Levine said. "But for people over 30, I don't believe it makes sense."

Whoa. Alarm bells went off, even though Trout isn’t eligible for free agency for four years.

The Los Angeles Times wrote: “Levine's comments might appear benign in context, but a league source noted that Levine could have made his point without using Trout's name. Club officials generally are forbidden from talking about players under contract to other teams, in part to avoid the perception that Team A is trying to drive up the cost for Team B to keep a player.”

Though Levine said he has apologized to the Angels and "My understanding is the matter is over," the Yankees could face a fine for his comments.