In moving from Giants to Orioles, Peguero keeps colors

In moving from Giants to Orioles, Peguero keeps colors
March 1, 2014, 10:45 am
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SARASOTA, Fla. – Every morning, Francisco Peguero sits in his hotel lobby, waiting for his ride to spring training. On Friday morning, headsets on, with two bats next to him, a hotel worker asked him if those were his home run bats.

Peguero smiled and made his way to Port Charlotte, where he played the entire game against Tampa Bay in center field and had two hits.

“I was late, swinging behind. It was the first day of spring training. Today’s a new day. I can do something special today,” Peguero said.

He played in 35 games in the last two seasons with San Francisco, batting .200. After a lifetime .300 average in the minors, he was happy to get a chance with the Orioles.

“It was difficult because they had stars everywhere, but this is my new family,” Peguero said.

Peguero says he can play all the outfield positions, but likes center field the best. The most important thing for Peguero is that he doesn’t have to change his color scheme in moving from the Giants to the Orioles.

“I’m excited because I stay in the black and orange. San Francisco is black and orange, too. I like it,” Peguero said.

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