Name that tune, O's fans

Name that tune, O's fans
April 6, 2013, 3:45 am
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There was a time not too long ago when the Orioles seemed loath to acknowledge the Ravens’ presence in Baltimore. Thankfully, we are past that.

The foolishness over the Ravens opener and the Orioles schedule clearly appeared to be more of an NFL-vs.-MLB thing than a Ravens-vs.-Orioles thing. As our Jeff Seidel writes, O’s manager Buck Showalter is openly a Ravens admirer.

And it’s obvious that the fans are all on the same team — the Baltimore team. For years, fans have linked the two clubs by paying homage at the stadium. Ravens fans carried over the Orioles-inspired “O” during the national anthem to M&T Bank Stadium. And during Friday’s O’s home opener, even if you weren’t there, you didn’t need the volume turned up too loudly on your television to detect another aural connection.

The pumped-up crowd was chanting the tune of “Seven Nation Army” at Camden Yards to urge on the Orioles. The Ravens and their fans may have been late to the party in using the song (apparently starting in 2011), but they rode it hard and rode it strong to a Super Bowl championship last season.

Orioles fans — so many of whom are also Ravens fans — have taken up the tune. Two teams, one song, one fan base. No sense in acting like they are divided.