Nick Markakis rapidly climbing Orioles hit list

Nick Markakis rapidly climbing Orioles hit list
May 25, 2014, 2:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – Nick Markakis is rapidly climbing the Orioles’ all-time hit list. He entered Sunday’s game with 1,429 hits, eighth in team history. On Friday night, he passed Paul Blair. He’s trailing Brian Roberts (1,452) and Ken Singleton (1,455).

Only Cal Ripken, Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray, Brady Anderson and Boog Powell lie ahead.

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“Pretty damn good group to be a part of,” Markakis said. He didn’t know that he’d passed so many great names in team history.

While Markakis doesn’t generally care about statistics, manager Buck Showalter was impressed when he learned of Markakis’ achievement.

“Nick’s one of those guys that you only really miss him when he’s gone, when he’s hurt. As close as we came last year and the year before, not having him around is a challenge. He’s so consistent, everything that he does. I don’t think he feels the pressure to do things from the leadoff spot that he might feel in other places, but he’s capable of hitting about anywhere you want to hit him in the batting order,” Showalter said.

“The thing that separates him from so many left-handed hitters is he doesn’t give on left-handers. You never feel like the pitcher really has an advantage because of his approach. I’ll say again, this is a tough right field to play, and he made some plays tonight that looked pretty routine, and trust me, they’re not. It’s an honor to watch him play every night. It’s hard to do what he does every day.”