Orioles employing advanced testing on pitchers

Orioles employing advanced testing on pitchers
March 5, 2013, 2:30 pm
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DUNEDIN, Fla. – Last year, the Orioles used biomechanical testing to ascertain which pitchers were throwing most effectively and who might be in danger of injury.

It worked well last year, and many pitchers are participating. It’s not mandatory.

Manager Buck Showalter said that the testing which is run by Director of Pitching Development Rick Peterson, measures pitchers’ deliveries and release points.

“Through trial and error, you kind of see what certain guys do that habitually have problems, stride lengths, where you are in release points,” Showalter said.  “It measures the flexibility in their hips.”

Pitchers are measured on the half-mound and then the full mound, but are told not to pitch at maximum effort. The testing is done over several days so it doesn’t interfere with pitchers’ normal work.

“It’s more of a health-related thing than mechanical to make sure you may get ahead of some problems,” Showalter said.

The Orioles aren’t the only team using this tool. Another team is using it this spring, but Showalter isn’t allowed to know who.