Orioles fans don't mind waiting through a Super Bowl

Orioles fans don't mind waiting through a Super Bowl
January 21, 2013, 2:00 am
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The overriding theme from Saturday’s FanFest is that the fans can’t wait for the 2013 season to begin.

Most of them don’t want to forget 2012.

All day long, highlights from last season played on the giant screens, and fans scooped up DVDs that will forever remind them of the season just past.

As fans arrived, they learned the news that Earl Weaver died, but that hardly dampened the enthusiasm.

There were a number of impatient fans who were asking Dan Duquette why he hasn’t made moves, but most were celebratory.

With the success of the Ravens, Baltimore is a happy place these days, and not even the death of a Baltimore icon or the perceived inaction by the Orioles could change that.

This week, Joe Saunders may choose his team, and there’s a decent chance he returns to Baltimore. He’d probably have to accept a two-year deal; he was looking for four.

Other free agents may be signed in the next couple of weeks. Spring training is barely three weeks away, and from the vibes of the record crowd of more than 18,500 that jammed the Baltimore Convention Center on Saturday, they can’t wait for baseball.

A Super Bowl won’t be a bad appetizer, though.