Orioles relieved Dickerson wasn't far off

Orioles relieved Dickerson wasn't far off
September 7, 2013, 2:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – Saturday promised to be a lot calmer day for Chris Dickerson.

After spending three days packing up his Baltimore apartment and sending most of his contents home to California, Dickerson hopped on a flight. Fortunately for both the Orioles and Dickerson, it was not a nonstop.

Dickerson flipped on his phone in Charlotte and learned that manager Buck Showalter wanted him. He turned around and headed back to Baltimore. His baseball gear was headed west, though.

Arriving at the ballpark around 8:30 p.m., Dickerson was quickly inserted into the game as a defensive replacement in left field for Michael Morse.

He borrowed a glove from Nick Markakis and shoes that were a little too tight from Bud Norris. Trotting out to left field, Dickerson shot the bullpen a wave, and then a ball was hit right at him.

“Of course, as soon as it went up in the air, I go ‘perfect,’” Showalter said.

Dickerson did get one of his gloves sent to him overnight. There wouldn’t be a repeat of his Friday night equipment adventure.

“Went to the yard sale. Snooped through everybody’s lockers looking for stuff I could wear,” Dickerson said.

Showalter said that when the Orioles needed an extra outfielder, Dickerson was chosen over another non-roster player, Jason Pridie because of his familiarity with the team.

“He hasn’t been here. He hasn’t done it,” Showalter said. “We know Chris. He’s a runner, he’s a defender. He’s a thrower.
I’m hoping we have Jason in the offseason. I hope we have him on the roster. We’re going to be looking for the same guy.”

Dickerson didn’t have to worry about his car. It’s been back in California. He’s been using a bicycle to ride to the ballpark. He was lucky. That was still left.

“That what I was doing errands on,” Dickerson said. “I ran out of time and I couldn’t take it back to the shop. It’s still at home, thank God, so I will have my usual transportation mode, so if you see me on the streets, honk your horn.”