O's Chris Davis receives cool honor

O's Chris Davis receives cool honor
September 2, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Approaching the Orioles’ single-season home run record and leading the majors in homers is nice and all, but Chris Davis now has really made the big time.

He has had an ice cream flavor created in his name.

The Charmery of Hampden Monday began selling Crunch Davis, The Sun reported. The ice cream is topped by orange sprinkles and Nestle Crunch bits, which approximates the Orioles’ orange and black colors.

As mentioned in The Sun article, Davis joins a distinguished sports group by having a sweet treat named after him. Putting aside the connection between Babe Ruth and the Baby Ruth bar — this article makes a convincing case that the candy manufacturer appropriated the Baltimore-born slugger’s name without permission and then put out a bogus story about another origin of the name — there have also been other Orioles to make this list.

*The Reggie Bar, named after another slugger, Reggie Jackson, briefly an Oriole.

*The Moose Bar, from former Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina, used as a fundraising device for Mussina’s charitable foundation.

*Flutie Flakes, a version of frosted flakes pegged to quarterback Doug Flutie.

*The Randall Bar (named for former quarterback Randall Cunningham), which apparently is another version of the Isiah Bar (named for former point guard Isiah Thomas).

*Ken Griffey Junior Milk Chocolate Bar, a limited-release candy in the  Seattle area, to which Griffey himself was allergic.

So Orioles fans should hope that Crunch Davis doesn’t make “Crush” Davis break out — unless it’s breaking out on a home run surge.