O's Duquette still looking ... for pitching?

O's Duquette still looking ... for pitching?
January 11, 2013, 9:15 am
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One of the older baseball truisms is that you can never have enough pitching. Orioles vice president Dan Duquette seems to believe that’s the case.

As reported by mlb.com, Duquette is still looking for arms to add to the Orioles roster before spring training opens next month. With the club already having a crowd atop the mound, that sounds counterintuitive, especially when O’s fans are feeling restless that Duquette hasn’t landed a power hitter this off-season.

But Duquette told mlb.com’s Brittany Ghiroli that when the Orioles went shopping for a big bat, they didn’t like the price tags.

"We looked around the industry for that middle-of-the-order bat," Duquette said. "There was one free agent that was a significant player. There have been some other players available in a trade that I'm not sure they were better than what we had, and the cost of the acquisition has been a little pricey for us."

Duquette also said there is no need to make a move just for the sake of making a move.

"Let's not confuse activity with the strength of our ballclub here in Baltimore,” he said. “It was a club that won over 93 games last year, and we are returning that core with three playoff wins. That's our team. If there were better players that were available to us at a reasonable cost, we would have added them, but we still have the core of a very competitive team here.

"We built our team last year, not just for last season, but so we could be competitive for a couple of years.”