O's: No formal complaint against umpires

O's: No formal complaint against umpires
June 27, 2013, 7:45 pm
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BALTIMORE – Over the few weeks, Buck Showalter has often been on the field during the game. He’s complained about a number of umpiring decisions, and while he’s publicly kept his comments relatively terse, there’s no mistaking how he feels.

On Friday in Toronto, Showalter was thrown out of his only game this season when he argued over a reversed call on a check swing. Last week in Detroit, he argued over a play where it appeared Manny Machado had tagged a base runner.

And, on Wednesday night, he argued over an apparent missed call at first base when Manny Machado looked to be safe. First base umpire Will Little, working in one of his first major league games, jawed with Showalter.

He later tangled with home plate umpire Ted Barrett over Cleveland reliever Joe Smith warming up in the bullpen instead of on the mound after an injury to starting pitcher Scott Kazmir.

In the fifth inning of Thursday's game, LIttle ejected Manny Machado for arguing about a third strike.

Showalter later alluded to Barrett’s strike zone, saying that Kazmir had an advantage. “He was using what was being given to him and making it work for him,” he said.

After a game earlier this month, Showalter did say the umpires should have called a balk, saying the error was “blatant.”

The Orioles have not formally complained about the umpiring, Showalter said.

“That’s something I do on the field,” he said.

“We all make mistakes, me included. It’s unfortunate. It’s part of our game. It seems to be part of it a little more lately. Sometimes it’s just like the game. You run through periods like that where it seems to be multiplied because you’re not winning as many games as you want to. A lot of things you have to overcome some nights. Some nights they’re real good, and we’re not good. You try to not let it creep in as an excuse.”