O's should hire Towson's Gottlieb

O's should hire Towson's Gottlieb
March 11, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Here’s a suggestion for the Orioles: After Towson University finishes its baseball season this spring, hire Mike Gottlieb in some capacity.

Gottlieb has been the Tigers’ baseball head coach for 26 seasons — through more than 1,200 games and over 600 victories — but that is ending this June. The university has decided to drop baseball and men’s soccer. It’s either for budgetary or Title IX reasons or for both.

School president Maravene Loeschke broke the news to baseball and soccer players on Friday, arriving at a hastily called meeting apparently fearful of how they would react, because she was accompanied by several police officers, The Sun reported.

Meanwhile, Gottlieb and soccer coach Frank Olszewski were kept out of the meeting as they were handed their walking papers.

Supporters of both programs have questioned the decision-making process, accusing the administration of playing games with numbers, and WBAL Radio devoted a good chunk of time Monday to airing angst from callers about the decision and how it was carried out.

If the Orioles could find a spot in their organization for this baseball lifer, maybe it could go part of the way to make up for the way his tenure at Towson has ended.