Like the O's, Yankees going home

Like the O's, Yankees going home
September 26, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Misery loves company. And for Orioles fans, if the misery is going to be missing the postseason, there’s no better company than the Yankees.

In the New York Post, Ken Davidoff goes through the major reasons there will be no playoffs in New York this year. Some of the highlights:

*The Yankees put too much faith in the recuperative abilities of shortstop Derek Jeter. “In retrospect, it was terribly naïve to plan for Jeter to be the regular guy,” Davidoff writes.

*They let Nick Swisher leave without finding a replacement outfielder/bat. And also: “Ownership has to take the blame for its Ichiro Suzuki infatuation.”

*When Mark Teixeira’s season was wiped out by injury and his possible replacement, Kevin Youkilis, also was sidelined, the Yankees were forced to rely on Lyle Overbay. But they had nothing else. “A solid farm system really should be able to come up with a half-decent first baseman.”

*Here’s a telling sentence: “[Alex Rodriguez] wound up as the most productive of any Yankees third baseman despite playing just 27 games there.”

*Starter Phil Hughes responded to his heading-into-free-agency season by not responding (4-14, 5.14 ERA). Not expected back in pinstripes.

*“We really can’t discuss the injuries enough.” Jeter, Teixeira, Curtis Granderson. It’s a long list of key players. OK, that’s enough discussion.