Patton says suspension was for Adderall use

Patton says suspension was for Adderall use
February 1, 2014, 2:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – Troy Patton said his 25-game suspension was due to taking Adderall, a drug used to combat ADHD, without a prescription at the end of season.

“I knew I shouldn’t. It was a stupid mistake, especially having failed one prior test,” Patton said on Saturday morning at FanFest. “I made the mistake, and now I’m just ready to deal with it and come back for the 26th game.”

Patton will be eligible to pitch in spring training, but manager Buck Showalter will probably not have him work early in the spring.

His suspension was announced on Dec. 20.

“It’s going to be frustrating,” Patton said. “It was a brutal couple of week process when we were finding out what was going to happen.”

Patton said that he is now avoiding Adderall in his attempt to stay drug-free.

“I’m not going to keep Adderall within a mile of me,” Patton said. He pointed out if he fails another test, it’s an 80-game suspension. “I can’t afford to miss half a season. [Adderall] is no longer in my repertoire. It’s over with.”

Like many major league players, Patton is ADHD, and he says he could be helped by using Adderall, but may not be able to obtain a prescription for it.

“I can play without it. I know I can play without it. I have for years,” Patton said. “It’s not something I desperately need.”

Without Patton, the Orioles will be down a left-handed pitcher for the season’s first month. He feels he let the team down.

“Yes, but hopefully I can pick them up for the rest of the season,” Patton said. “Of those 25 games, there’s probably going to be 12, 13 situations where I would be pitching. So, yes I let the team down.”

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