Roberts faces possible last Orioles weekend

Roberts faces possible last Orioles weekend
September 28, 2013, 6:15 pm
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BALTIMORE – This may be Brian Roberts’ last weekend with the Orioles. He realizes it, but said he’s not consumed by it.

“I haven’t started crying or anything yet, but it’s something that obviously you know the time is going to come eventually where you get to the point where you know it’s completely over or you may not know exactly,” Roberts said.

“That’s kind of where I’m at, I guess. I probably haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit back and reflect and think about it too, too much. But I’ve certainly had enough time to realize everything that’s going on the last 13, 14, 15 years of being in the Orioles organization. I definitely feel blessed to have that much time, no matter what.”

Roberts is the last Oriole to have played with Cal Ripken. He was drafted by the organization in 1999 and came to the majors two years later.

With his four-year, $40 million contract expiring, Roberts doesn’t know if the team wants him back.

“I have no idea. At this point, I’ll play these last two games and go home and try to have a normal month of October and see where it goes,” Roberts said.

Roberts would like to return.

“I’m pretty sure I want to play. Unless something drastic happens, my desire is to play. It’s certainly going to have to be the right situation, too. I don’t know exactly what that is yet, but I’ll have to weigh my options.”

It would be strange to see Roberts in a different uniform.

“I haven’t sat down and said, ‘I would play in this place. I would play in this place. I would play in this place.’ So I don’t really know for sure,” Roberts said.

“My first choice would be here, and if that’s not the case, I’d have to see what the options are and see if any of them are a good fit for me and my family.”

After three seasons of injuries to his back, hip, hamstring and two concussions, Roberts has been able to play through the second half of the season, pausing only for a paternity leave last month.

In 75 games, Roberts is batting .250 with seven home runs and 38 RBIs.

“All I can do is know that I played every day and I played hard,” Roberts said.

“I wasn’t going out there to prove anything to anybody except to have the opportunity to play every day and enjoy that again. That’s been the best part of it.”

For the first time, Roberts got to play in a pennant race.

“There were a lot of long, tough years in there. This is what we all wanted to see. It’s nice for people to be disappointed when you miss the playoffs by a couple of days instead of being disappointed by ‘we didn’t win 70 games’ or something,” Roberts said.

“If we were still losing 90 games, I might wonder if it might be time to try something else.”

If the Orioles want to go with Jonathan Schoop or someone else at second base next year, Roberts will understand.

“It’s business. It’s going to come at some point, whether it’s now or later. I understand. I’m sure they will have good reasons whether they want me back or don’t want me back,” Roberts said. “I will be totally fine either way.”