Roberts taken with Machado's ability

Roberts taken with Machado's ability
September 19, 2013, 7:30 pm
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BOSTON – Brian Roberts’ team record of 56 doubles is still not safe. Manny Machado, who had 51 entering Thursday’s game, could still break it.

“Everything he does amazes me,” Roberts said. “It’s just been fun to watch him play all year. He’s been so consistent. He hits so many line drives. He uses the whole field, right field line, left field line, left center, right center. He’s just one of those talents you don’t see very often.”

Roberts had the three highest yearly double totals before this year. Besides the 56 doubles he hit in 2009, he had 51 in 2008 and 50 in 2004.

“I think he’ll show more and more power, 100 percent. I think he’s going to be a 30 home run guy. I think he’s got too good a swing, and he’s just going to get bigger and stronger and I think that’s just going to be a natural progression for him,” Roberts said. “There’s nothing that he has to learn how to do differently except take the same swing and put on 20 pounds—and that’s going to happen.”

When Roberts was 21, he was still in college. At 21, Machado is already one of baseball’s best.

“He amazes me all the time, his maturity and his ability to handle this situation, and this environment, do it the way that he’s done it at that age, it’s special, and you don’t see that very often,” Roberts said.