A-Rod's Yankees career not yet over?

A-Rod's Yankees career not yet over?
November 15, 2013, 12:00 am
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The Alex Rodriguez story never seems to run out of twists. Now, here’s the latest one, courtesy of the New York Post’s Joel Sherman:

Even if A-Rod’s 211-game suspension is upheld by an arbitrator, he could still go to spring training with the Yankees.

To which the obvious response would be: What?????

The Major League Baseball Players Association says that’s right, Sherman writes. MLB basically agrees that such could be the case.

“In the Joint Drug Agreement, a suspended player is presumed to have all the rights and obligations he would have under his contract except he cannot play in regular-season games,” Sherman writes. “To date, that has been interpreted as the player cannot be in uniform for regular-season games. …  Players association executives told me if MLB or the Yankees attempted to bar Rodriguez from spring training, they would file a grievance arguing it is punishment beyond what is in the JDA.”

But why would A-Rod even want to go to spring training if he’s going to be banned for about the next season and a half? Sherman offers three reasons: love of attention, enjoying the chance to stick it to the Yankees and MLB and pure attachment to the game.

In addition, “Rodriguez could argue that when the suspension is over, he is still signed through 2017 and the only way to keep his skills sharp is to get in as much time with the highest-caliber players as possible,” Sherman writes.

Now, you wouldn’t think Rodriguez in camp in Tampa would create any kind of distraction, would you?