Should Davis have finished higher in MVP voting?

Should Davis have finished higher in MVP voting?
November 15, 2013, 8:45 am
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No one should be disappointed that Chris Davis didn’t win the Most Valuable Player Award. Miguel Cabrera clearly deserved it.

It doesn’t really matter who comes in second or third in awards voting, but I was surprised that Mike Trout finished ahead of Davis

Trout, who finished behind Cabrera for the second straight year, had five first place votes to Davis’s one. He also 19 second place votes to Davis’s four.

I’m not a fan of analyzing other voters. I would have voted Cabrera first, Davis second and Trout third. The other surprise came when John Hickey of the Oakland Tribune voted the Athletics’ underrated third baseman Josh Donaldson first. He finished fourth.

Davis’s terrific year (53 home runs, 138 RBIs and 42 doubles) compares favorably with Trout’s (27, 97 and 39). Trout’s batting average and on-base percentage were better; Trout led the AL in walks, but Davis had a slightly better OPS (1.004 to .988).

Most important, though Davis slumped to a .216 average in September, his team stayed in the race far longer than Trout’s.

Trout had to play a more important role on the Angels this year because Albert Pujols missed so much time, but Los Angeles was 78-84. The Orioles finished 85-77, and were in wild-card contention until the last week.

Team success should matter in the MVP. Voters like to pick players from contending teams, and Davis was surely critical to the Orioles’ success.

Manny Machado got his first MVP votes. He finished ninth. (Voters are asked to list 10 players.) Two voters placed him fifth. Adam Jones who finished sixth a year ago got a fifth and eight place vote and came in 13th.

Now, the long awards season is presumably over and we can return to the lunacy of trade talk, and we can begin discussing the Hall of Fame voting.