Should Orioles want this guy?

Should Orioles want this guy?
December 18, 2012, 12:00 am
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In his list of remaining free agents who could help the Orioles, our O’s maven Rich Dubroff mentions designated hitter Delmon Young, last of the Tigers, while acknowledging Young has had “anger issues.”

Just in case you don’t recall how those issues surfaced last year, here’s the first paragraph of an Associated Press story from last month: “Former Detroit Tigers slugger Delmon Young pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment for shouting an anti-Semitic slur and tackling a man to the ground outside a New York City hotel last spring.”

Young was sentenced to 10 days of community service and ordered to attend a program at New York’s Museum of Tolerance. Young’s lawyer said in a statement: "Delmon clearly regrets what happened and took the necessary steps to put this issue behind him.”

The Tigers have decided to put Young behind them, not re-signing him despite a fairly productive season in which he hit 18 homers and drove in 67 runs, followed by a postseason in which he batted .313.

Young also underwent ankle surgery last month, though he’s expected to be recovered by spring training.

Add it up: Anger issues that erupted in a disturbing off-field incident, a possible injury issue to be wary of, good but not outstanding numbers and a reluctance by his 2012 team to bring him back.

Thanks, but no, thanks.