Showalter: Machado's best yet to come

Showalter: Machado's best yet to come
July 8, 2013, 5:45 pm
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BALTIMORE – Manny Machado’s terrific play on Luis Cruz’s ground ball continues to gets lots of talk and views around baseball. Machado went so far off the third base bag that his momentum nearly carried him to the third base stands. “When you can shake hands with the beer man in the front row after you get through with a play, you know it's pretty challenging. Or the Oriole fan that was there," manager Buck Showalter said after Sunday’s game.

Before Monday’s game, Showalter talked at length about the play. “I looked back to see where he ended up for some reason,” Showalter said. “I thought the most remarkable part of the play was that he was able to regrab the ball. It’s being able to get the hand back on it again, moving like that. It was kind of like, ‘um, he’s going to throw it, too.’” Showalter was reminded of some of Machado’s better plays in his 11 months in the big leagues. “I hope it’s yet to come. I hope it’s the one where he catches the last out in the World Series,” Showalter said.

NOTES: Frederick’s Christian Walker, who’s been added to the roster of the U.S. team for Sunday’s Futures Game at Citi Field, has been named the Carolina League’s Player of the Week.