Showalter wants to see Betemit play this season

Showalter wants to see Betemit play this season
August 7, 2013, 4:00 pm
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SAN DIEGO -- Wilson Betemit will continue his rehab assignment at Gulf Coast for the near future. Manager Buck Showalter isn’t sure what comes next after Tuesday’s first game.

“He was a little tentative running, as could be expected. He swung the bat well. That was good to see,” Showalter said.

Betemit severely sprained his right knee running the bases in the last week of spring training. The day after the injury, his recovery period was listed as six-eight weeks, something wildly optimistic in Showalter’s eyes.

“This was pretty major stuff he had done. The whole idea was to stay away from surgery. If we do surgery, then [he’s not ready until] at least next spring,” Showalter said.

“That was a tough walk out to second base this spring, not because of what it meant to our club, but you knew that wasn’t going to have a happy ending real quickly. I actually thought we had great news compared to what I thought. I’ve made that walk a couple of times, and it’s not a good one when you know something isn’t right.”

Betemit could be back with the Orioles before the Sept. 1 roster expansion, maybe after. Showalter wants him to work on strengthening his muscles and getting his confidence back.

“I think it’s getting through the mental as much…the last time he ran around bases in a game, it wasn’t good. You think that’s not in his head somewhere, I’d really like to see just for Wilson the human being to get back and feel good about himself, regardless of what it means for us,” Showalter said.