Sick 'humor' at Tropicana Field

Sick 'humor' at Tropicana Field
April 4, 2013, 10:30 am
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The most embarrassing thing that happened to the Rays during their season-opening series with the Orioles didn’t occur on the field. It was on Wednesday, when their mascot — did you even know they had a mascot? — held up a totally inappropriate sign that a fan had in the stands.

The mascot, a blue thing called Raymond — get it? har-har — displayed and was photographed with a sign that listed a Rays’ to-do list. The second item was the World Series. The first was Steve Irwin, accompanied by a photograph of the late “Crocodile Hunter” and with Irwin’s name crossed out. Irwin died seven years ago at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef after swimming too close to a stingray, which struck him in the chest with its barbed tail.

Maybe in a certain sick context, that would be funny. We’re just not sure what context that would be. And we are sure that context isn’t at a baseball game in the stands. The Rays issued an apology that read, in part:

“Fans are welcome to bring signs into Tropicana Field provided they are not offensive. The Tampa Bay Rays regret that this particular sign was displayed in the ballpark, and we apologize for the lapse in judgment.”

As the Yahoo Sports blog Big League Stew points out, perhaps we should give Raymond a pass on this. It could be that the mascot insider wasn’t quite able to read what the sign said before he/she/it held it up. As for the person who brought it to the game — who had all that time from getting the idea, to making the sign, to traveling to the game — there is much less of an excuse.