Ubaldo Jimenez trades Rolex for Kevin Gausman's number

Ubaldo Jimenez trades Rolex for Kevin Gausman's number
June 20, 2014, 9:00 pm
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What's a jersey number worth to you? Probably a whole lot less than it's worth to Ubaldo Jimenez.

In this photo tweeted by Bud Norris, Jimenez presents fellow righty Kevin Gausman with a shiny new Rolex watch to repay him for giving up No. 31. The pricey gift has a lot to do with Gausman's history shuffling numbers

Gausman wore No. 75 in spring training of last year, then switched to No. 37 for his first season in the big leagues. The Orioles' new pitching coach Dave Wallace wanted No. 37 when he arrived, so Gausman switched to No. 31 in the first week of camp rather than turn down his new coach.

That would have been the end of the number saga had the Orioles not signed Ubaldo Jimenez soon after. Jimenez wanted Gausman's number, and as usual, he obliged and asked for nothing in return. Now, Wallace wears No. 37, Jimenez wears No. 31 and Gausman wears No. 39. 

The young pitcher's selflessness didn't go unnoticed by Jimenez, who decided to reward him with a brand-new Rolex. 

Between Ubaldo Jimenez and Kevin Gausman, the Orioles have a couple of classy righties.